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1 i) Splitting Autoclave Columns having 600mm.dia Qty.: 2Nos, 12 & 16mts. height, 12mm. shell thk, full Limpet coil from outside of 40NB, 100% Radiography welding. BAX COUNSEL SA 240 TP 316L
  ii) Splitting Autoclave Columns having 833mm.dia; 21.5mtr. height, 16mm.shell thk, full Limpet coil from outside of 40NB, 100% Radiography welding Qty.: 3Nos, Exported to Malaysia & Brazil.   SA 240 TP 316L
  iii) Equipments for Fatty Acids Distillation:    
  EVAPORATOR: Tubes: SA 213 TP 304 & Shell: SA 516 Gr. 70   C.S. & S.S.
  Distillation Column   SA 240 TP 316L
  Residue Cooler   IS 2062 GR.A
  Steam Super Heater   IS 2062 GR.A
  Flash Condenser: Tubes SA 213 TP 316L & Shell: SA 240 TP 304   S.S. 304 & 316L
  Expansion Cooling Vessels of 950mm dia.x 2mts. Height with & without Jacket. (Exported to Brazil)   SA 240 TP 316L
2 Fatty Acid Distillation Plant, Exported to Malaysia BAX COUNSEL VARIOUS
3 Deodoriser Columns for Edible Oil Refining in Various Capacities such as 50TPD, 100TPD, 200TPD. Qty. 7Nos. Diameter varying from 1.9Mtr to 3Mtr & Length Varying from 15Mtr. to 24Mtr. DE SMET, BV SA 240 TP 304
4 Continuous Heater Bleacher for Edible oil refining in various Capacity such as 50TPD, 100TPD, 200TPD, 500TPD, 1000TPD. Qty. 12Nos. Diameter varying from 1.4Mtr to 3.6Mtr & Length Varying from 5Mtr. to 11Mtr. ALONG WITH VARIOUS OTHER EQUIPMENTS DE SMET, BV, INTERTEK, SGS SA 240 TP 304
5 Sterilliser for Palm Oil Extraction: Dia 2.1Mtr, Length Various from 10Mtr. to 15Mtr.Of 2000mm Dia X 16000mm long JAPRO, BAX COUNSEL SA 516 GR 70
6 Ethylene Oxide Mobile Tanker, under and as per Chief Controller of Explosive Rules (CCOE), 100% Radiography Welding. CHEMPRO SA 240 TP 304L
7 Petroleum Oil Mobile Tankers of 16KL, 18KL & 20KL capacity as per CCOE Rules. BPCL, BV IS 1079
8 Skid Mounted Air Drying Plant UHDE SA 516 GR 70


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