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Identification of Raw-material, welding procedure Qualification Cutting and Edge preparation.
Rolling of shell and Long seam set up with Prod. coupon plate.
Approval for welding of Long seam welding.
First side Long seam Welding as per approved WPS/PQR.
Approval for 2nd side welding after back chip/DP test.
NDT/Radiography inspection, (repair of any ) and Re-Radiography.
Cir. setup approval for welding.
Approval of 2nd pass of Cir. Welding after DP test of root-run.
Dish manufacturing /Inspection/Setup approval for welding.
Radiography of Dish/Shell Cir. Seam Welding.
Nozzle orientation marking, cutting, setup and approval for welding.
Fitting of lugs, saddle supports & approval for welding.
NDT Clearance.
Dimensional checkup and release for stress relieving.
Inspection of Stress relieving and release for testing.
Hydro test.
Clearance of the internal check free from water.
Sand Blasting.
Mounting fitting.
Air test.
Weighing and painting.
Final Inspection and Control Certificate.
Safety certificate -Ready for worthiness.
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